Alexander Nicholi

Computer scientist and more

Alexander Nicholi

Computer scientist and more

Welcome to the machine.

My name is Alexander Nicholi. I am an American computer scientist residing in the Research Triangle of North Carolina, where I spent a good part of my upbringing, but I also take extended visits to Southeast Asia, as my family is there. As of 2017 I am happily married, and since 2016 I have led a software development company called Arqadium. At the dawn of 2019, I began working on my biggest passion project, HALO, and I also serve tables at a local pizza sushi parlour. When I’m not slaving away, my pastimes include dining out, cycling, and peoplewatching. Beyond that, the rest are a conversation away! You can find me on Twitter directly, or you can find me on Discord by joining Arqadium’s Discord guild. In the case those services have bit the dust, you can also find me on Arqadium’s Mastodon instance, Freenode IRC with handle nicholatian (channel #arqadium), and over [encrypted] mail by sending to ‘me’ at my personal domain. ;-)

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Long-form content

Computer science

Law & Order in Software Engineering with C*

A new paradigm for scalably sustainable systems programming.

Benchmark: GZip, BZip2, LZMA/2, LZ4 and LZO

A thorough benchmark comparison of GZip, BZip2, LZMA/2, LZ4 and LZO algorithms.

RE: Early Work

A response to Early Work by Paul Graham.

An Ethos for Sustainable Computing

An essay to assert what I have learned from my research about the fundamental nature of computers.

Re-Evaluating HALO’s Language Choice

My experiences with novel issues in Golang, and a failed attempt at applying Scala.

The Injustice of Complexity in Computing

A criticism of the state of modern computing, and a prescription for a return to problem solving.

OAM: A fundamentally new approach to imaging

His name was Jan Sloot, his system was called the Sloot Digital Coding System, and I believe I have independently rediscovered what he created, under the name OAM.

Abusive Relationships with Programming Languages

A closer examination of how the authors of programming languages foster unbalanced relationships with their users.

Rage against the locale

A look through one Rust developer’s inline rant about C/POSIX locales.

Six Tiers of Reasoning in Programming

Originally conceptualised by Dan Garfield. Paraphrased and reformatted here.

Existential problems with Rust

A case study in the relationship of performance and memory management, and risks posed to the scientific method in computing.

Systemantics: Application trumps intent

What you plan and what takes place needn’t be exactly similar.