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Welcome to the machine.

My name is Alexander Nicholi. I am a software engineer residing in the Research Triangle of North Carolina, where I spent a good part of my upbringing. As of 2017 I am happily married, and since 2016 I have led a software development company known as Arqadium. When I’m not slaving away, my pastimes include dining out, cycling, and peoplewatching. Beyond that, the rest are a conversation away! You can find me on Twitter directly, or you can find me on Discord by joining Arqadium’s Discord guild.

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Here is a snowflake generator, written in JavaScript:

'use strict'
let count = 0
module.exports = () => {
    count = count >= 4095 ? 0 : count + 1
    return ((( - 1513728000000) // subtract 48 years for Arqadium epoch
        & 0x3FFFFFFFFFF) // Make sure it fits into 42 bits
        << 22) | count // shift over 22 bits and mask in the counter