Alexander Nicholi

Informatician, writer and polemic

Welcome to the machine.

Aquefir Consulting LLC is my vehicle for consulting with people like you on theoretical and applied informatics as well as software architecture.

Click the icon to discover how I can help you maximise your ROI in learning about advanced software development by avoiding pitfalls and leveraging high value applications. Or, find out how I can help you architect your software project intelligently so you can write code without fear of creeping tech debt. These are the things I do best.

Xion Megatrends LLC is the technology company created to foster my work with computing and informatics. I came up with the name when I was a young boy.

Click the icon to visit the company’s wiki, or browse its forums and the discussions therein. You can also see the version control system used to track development of projects under Xion, Aquefir, as well as my own creations. Soon, there will be an IRC server and webchat thereof available to use.