I went to Creedmoor.

Penned on the 25th day of April, 2021. It was a Sunday.

Large chunks of my upbringing were spent stratified between Wake and Johnston counties, as my family first moved here through my aunt as an anchor who lives off of Highway 50, or Benson Road. My immediate family has been more centered around Garner, and so countless trips have been made on that road since I can remember.

Details kept aside, things are looking to be coming to a close for that aunt of mine. We have all emotionally moved on, and I have been coordinating intensely with my mother to get her moved out for the last time. The chapters of my life on that road may soon be coming to a close. With that in mind, I took the road opposite of 50 South; I drove 50 North, which once you exit downtown Raleigh becomes Creedmoor Road.

Highway 50 South straddles all of Garner where I grew up, and runs straight through downtown Raleigh where I live now as a one-way split called Dawson and McDowell Streets, combined with federal highways 70 and 401. Once you’re in Garner, it’s called Benson Road, and it goes all the way to Benson in Johnston County.

But today, I drove Highway 50 North. Instead of Garner, it straddles north Raleigh and Wake Forest, and is called Creedmoor Road, and it goes all the way to Creedmoor in Granville County.

50 North was exactly like 50 South in every way, except opposite of course. The same Piedmont rainforest stretches were punctuated by gas station intersections with handwritten farmers’ market signage. The destination town was quaint in an excessive way, and leaves visitors all too ready to drive right back out. The only difference was the lack of the 540 beltline in the south (it’s unfinished), which forms these proverbial “gates of Raleigh” demarcating the road between city and country.

To put it simply, I went to Creedmoor for the absolute hell of it. I had a great time pulling into the town and heading right back out. It gave me time to reflect on the people I’m with in life, and find more love to give by doing some emotional housekeeping. I went to Creedmoor, I did nothing, and I’m better for it.

Until next time,
Άλέξανδερ Νιχολί