Goodbye, John McAfee.

Penned on the 24th day of June, 2021. It was a Thursday.

Goodbye, John McAfee. I’m sorry that your world has seemingly come to this.

I’m sorry that we live in a world where some people live to make the entire universe their business. I’m sorry we live in a world with narcs. I’m sorry we live in a world of meddlers, rife with ideologies and narcissistic perfectionisms they wish to impose upon others like bloodthirsty Bolsheviks, defanged only by the obscene prosperity that clouds their purview. It sucks more than anything, I know.

I’m sure you already knew about all of this. It’s why power can corrupt. I always sought a world where power was fractally divested, not concentrated into the hands of an arbitrary few. The power must go somewhere, so it’s best not put up so high. I frown upon the very impulse that thirsts for that power.

Your misfortune is a product of political miscalculation. Perhaps unwitting, or perhaps a deliberate move “not to play”, in the present world there is no such possibility. No one can truly avoid cosmopolitan globalists, because they do not have a mutual belief of live and let live. Their access to you and I is merely a question of practicality, not principle. This is as true in Beijing as it is in Moscow or Washington. You suffer the same fate as Julian Assange: victims of a lack of human decency wrought from gluttonous prosperity. Good times made some bad people. Their fear of active players like Elon Musk is the true separation betweem him and you. As for you and him, the men themselves, there is hardly a difference besides how you play. I know this to be true.

This is such a stupid way for mankind to live. I wish more people could break down the pieces of this picture to make it click for themselves how silly it all is. To this very day I see a good majority of people do not want to live in these polarising, manufactured “realities”. They do so out of an unwillingness to be difficult or outcast, which is understandable as much as any person wants to be loved and cared for as opposed to merely being right.

I’m tired of our society’s domination by an incompetent minority. I don’t want to talk to policymakers anymore. I don’t want to take seriously even the Internet bloggers, or the cutting edge ideologues. I want to forget about everyone who has forgotten the basic, common sense fundamentals of living. I don’t want to interact with anyone who has so lost their feet. They can chat with me once they’ve recovered such common sense, because until then, it’s just a game where my winning move is not to play.

I always wanted to live in the real world like you. So many people live in these little constructed realities made up by their governments about how things are, who’s good and who’s evil, what crackhead rendition of the 20th century you prefer, whatever. None of it is wrong, and none of it is right. All half-truths, the worst kind of lies. No, I dreamed of a day I would run a nation and be proud to receive somebody like you in our ports on the sea. Not because you are wealthy or because you have any mutual interest, but because of what it means. I don’t know, it’s tough to describe. But I think you would understand.

I’m sorry, John. I respect your decision immensely, heavens knows the rhetoric about suicide is absolutely awful for processing it meaningfully at all, but I get it. If that is what you found to be right, then I’m glad you did what’s right, no matter the cost. I wish people could comprehend what it even means when people die anymore. Thank you for everything you did in your life. I will always remember it. After all, that is the best anyone can do.

Until next time,
Άλέξανδερ Νιχολί