nichruby Status Update #1

Penned on the 30th day of July, 2020. It was a Thursday.

Affairs have been quiet, but mightily active! The past two weeks have seen massive strides made in work on unilib. What’s unilib? Well, in a nutshell, it is a support library like GLib, but with greater embedded portability. It’s designed to play nice on desktops and Game Boy consoles alike.

The reason I am working on this is so that it may be used in utilities like gfx2o, but of course, there is a lot more to what has been made than the library itself. Aquefir’s slick documentation format has received a major overhaul, and is being used to document the APIs for unilib already. This is serving as a test run of its viability, as it is destined to be used to document nichruby itself!

As I mentioned, unilib will work well even on tiny, memory-constrained systems like the Game Boy Advance. There is a good possibility that it will see good use as a dependency of nichruby itself, once it becomes more mature. This should be incredibly rewarding for the quality of the library itself.

Once these things are ironed out and gfx2o is in a working state, the great undertaking of asset porting will begin. This is when mangledeggs, gfx2o, grit, the assembler, and the linker will all come together in concert to provide a working output of the systems they each facilitate. This will be the keystone of what I am working on now, and it will be of great use for nichruby and so much more. I am very much looking forward to this first great milestone.

Until next time,
Alexander Nicholi