An optimal world geography

Written on January 20, 2018.

Greetings from the past, and welcome to a post composed of ramblings on fantasy geopolitics. Hope it doesn’t sound too wacky, but if I were to be Alexander Almighty for a day, I have more than a few things to change about world geography – particularly political geography. Just remember that this isn’t completely serious, and all should be fine. Here goes...

Let’s start by bringing Japan back to its former imperial glory, this time as a postmodern capitalist technological world superpower. They’re virtually unchecked by everyone else on the map because they were first to the finish line in achieving the Singularity, which quickly gave them ASI as an exclusive ally. Japan has annexed all of the relevant parts of China, extinguished Communism pretty much completely, bestowed independence to Tibet to appease the Buddhists, and acquired Taiwan on amicable terms as well. Through a super-popular Japanese public figure of Indonesian birth, Indonesian-Japanese unity was fostered enough to make the two countries very friendly with each other, enabling rapid quality-of-life improvements for Indonesians in exchange for Japan’s use of their natural resources. East Timor and Papua New Guinea, seeking salvation from poor prospects, decided to join Indonesia in forming a similar pact with Japan.

Moving west a little, more power consolidation is to be had with India and its various satellites as a new Raj is put into place, consuming all of its neighbours except Tibet, Myanmar, and interestingly, Pakistan. India split Kashmir more or less evenly with Muslim nations farther west, with no disputed land going to China because of apathy from the Japanese and Tibetans. All of Indochina is consolidated under the Japanese superpower, including Singapore as the trade hub it’s been for centuries.

A little further west we find a massively consolidated Islamic state of Saudi origin, comprised of the entirety of Arabia and Mesopotamia, stretching from Pakistan to the Levant and from the Indian Ocean to Kurdistan. The borders of Israel have stabilised, and a large wall was constructed to separate it from the Saudi state that surrounds it by land. A second, distinct Islamic state exercises sovereignty over all of the Muslims of Northern Africa, and below the Sahara we find Nigeria has taken all of Western sub-Saharan Africa save for Liberia, which itself has swollen somewhat. South Africa has taken over most of the countries south of the Congo along with Madagascar, with the Congo itself doing manifest destiny in claiming huge swaths of land from the Atlantic to the Indian Ocean.

Heading north, Europe has been consolidated greatly too, under an expanded European Union. Asia Minor and much of the Balkans are ruled by an Ottoman Islamic state, distinct from the other two mentioned before, and Greece is sovereign with Crete and Cyprus as its satellites. Switzerland is completely unchanged, as is France, Spain and Portugal, however Ireland has joined the United Kingdom undivided once again. Luxembourg was annexed by a new Prussian state, while the Netherlands and Denmark remain more or less unchanged. Austria and Hungary joined Prussia in alignment against Ottoman advances, and Poland became a friendly part of a postmodern capitalist Russian Federation along with the Ukraine, Kazakhstan, et cetera. Scandinavia is unscathed.

North America is largely unchanged, mostly because it’s already pretty consolidated! 😅 That said, some domestic consolidation happens within the continental United States, in greatly reducing the number of states in the Union by consolidating all of Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Nebraska, Iowa, North and South Dakota, and Minnesota, along with the inland parts of Washington and Oregon to create one huge, monolithic mega-state called the Dakota. This is the largest state by area in the Union, dwarfing Alaska by over 300,000 km² at over 2 million square kilometers. With the introduction of Puerto Rico as a state of the Union, the total number of states comes out at 42.

As for Latin America, I honestly don’t know what I should change, if anything. Perhaps a consolidation through ethnic homogeny and cultural/national diversity could happen through a EU-like superstate, but I’ll have to think it over a bit more so I’m sure it’s not better done like sub-Saharan Africa instead. Antarctica is still in limbo, Australia and New Zealand are unchanged, and the various Pacific nations are unified under an oceanic confederacy called the Marshall Confederation.

If I missed anything you think is worth mentioning, let me know and I’ll see if I can add it in. Thanks for reading😛