The listening ear is closing for social ‘justice’

Written on December 18, 2017.

Generations of people were raised on fancified recollections of the past, and told that girls rule and boys drool from the time they could walk. It is so unstable, and no amount of heraldry and fanfare for the successful few of them will change the fact that the hordes of delusional day-care princesses aren’t worth a fuck.

The girl is crying wolf this time around, and her only saving grace will rest with the moderates she spent so long denouncing alongside her real enemy. In her fits of lunacy and self-righteousness, she alienated them, because mummy and daddy alienated her, so they could continue chasing the Dream at work. It is a generational tragedy.

Once again, we will realise that above everything else, our freedom rests in the content of our characters as people. Be an adult. Foster dialogue. Stop attempting to control others; it doesn’t work. And lastly, always put yourself and the real, tangible people around you before notions of collectivism or the ‘common good’. To forget them is to forget what it means to be human.