Basic viewpoints

Penned on the 5th day of September, 2021. It was a Sunday.

Three Fundamental Laws

I had originally created these laws as a work of fiction, for my magnum opus video game entitled Project Trinity. Later, I found them to be surprisingly strong candidates for informal boundaries about how to interact with the universe – things to bear in mind, in a sense.

  1. Eternity – Nothing truly ends, going on forever and ever in some way or another.
  2. Transcendence – An observer’s understanding of the universe will never be complete.
  3. Flow – The universe exists in a chaotic balance that trends towards equilibrium but never settles into it.

Supernatural, et al.

There are no gods, none, not one, never was. There is no existence beyond death that would be understandable to our living consciousness, although there may be more to existing despite that. Still, there is a great volume of existence that only selectively permeates our senses, often in ways we do not understand at all. Some day, scientific or even greater methods will help illuminate the reality of ghosts, aliens, monoliths, UFOs, and more. It will not be mundane, but rather unsurprising.

Man, nature, self

Other humans cannot be groked without specific intent or goal. Therefore, there is no framework to understand anything without bias. The earth is powerful, and the earth belongs to us. We should take care of it and take advantage to it, for survival reasons our biology drives us towards. The lack of greater gods and afterlife and the lack of a universal ethos with which to be judged beyond the grave makes living a “great” life difficult. The only spiritual things we leave behind are the memories of who we are. So, that is the measure by which our ultimate fate is decided.

Other notes

There is a primordial field of reeds, in an endless expanse of unforgiving desert and dust. In this field lies everything that was, and is to be. It isn’t alive, yet it isn’t dead, resembling more of a celestial object in the distance.

Still, the field swirls and rotates endlessly, pooling all of the existence trapped inside. It provides a basin from which everything eternally springs and terminates… a home beyond a home, in a way.

The field transcends morality, exchange, and even chaos and order themselves, since it is beyond time, where nothing ever happens yet everything always is. Our existence beyond life is like so, frozen into seeming lifelessness, yet with every volume of us persisting at once.

Until next time,
Άλέξανδερ Νιχολί