The distressed psyche of a wunderkind

Penned on the 10th day of March, 2018. It was a Saturday.

In a moment, a world was created in front of my mind’s eye. This world was one of psychic symbolism, etched into four distinct quadrants from everything of importance to me in my past and future. I took action alone, mostly observing and occasionally interacting with things in this imagined world.

The first which was apparent to me was the latitudal axis of this world, to which a long string of endless beach ran parallel. The sands had never been walked on by another living thing, and ran endlessly from a musky twilight in the east to a brilliant, radiant sunset that consumed the sky, stratifying the patchy clouds in its path. To the south of this beach was an endless ocean, consumed by an endless storm that was certain peril. Also running parallel to these things was a series of picturesque beach condominiums, which were all unfurnished and uninhabited. To the north was an endless, shaded grassland, which after a point became more aether than earth, as there was absolutely nothing there.

I began in this world at the origin of the scene, right before a steep, rocky ledge that separated the beach from the land. Facing south, I noticed a large, red-and-white checkered beach umbrella mounted into the sand, with a plush white beach towel placed beside it. I decided to remove my shoes and jump down the ledge—a ledge which, while shallow, I could not return from—and sunk my bare feet into the untouched sand in front of me. Doing so felt relieving, as the coldness of the sand soaked away the heat in my body.

After this, I took another look at my surroundings, and gained an even greater appreciation for the dusk as the sunset consumed my entire field-of-view. After looking for a second, I also realised the storm southward was isolated, and therefore stagnant, which was relieving. I sat down on the towel laid out for me, and meditated for an imperceivable amount of time in the absence of everything except for the ocean’s waves.